Arkasium Gymnasium is an Ark Survival Community server that is focused on building, creativity, and longevity. We are currently running the TheCenter map along with these mods! The server community is always willing to help and is looking for new people to play with!

Server Details:
-Map: The Center
-Difficulty: 1.0
-XP Multiplier: 5 - Level up faster
-Taming Speed Multiplier: 4 - Tame dinos faster
-Harvest Amount Multiplier: 3 - Increased gathering
-Cave Flyers: Enabled
-Cave Building: Enabled
-MatingIntervalMultiplier: .45 - Breed dinos quicker after a previous breeding.
-EggHatchSpeedMultiplier: 6 - Eggs hatch quicker
-BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier: 10 - Baby Dinos mature quicker
-Dino Building damage decreased: Gigas roam freely and are not nerfed (Hide ya pigs, hide ya dodo’s)
-Certain modded items removed due to being OP.

Server Rules:
Mature community 18+ almost anything goes except for the “isms” (Racism/Sexism/etc) those will result in a ban.
Do not block cave entrances or whole cave networks.
Do not block ground paths to resource nodes.
Do not block primary water ways.

No Build Zones:
-Skull island - Major resource hub
-Ruins at 71,52 - Community house in works for newbies.

Feel free to add me on steam and ask any questions you have or just join the group! Hope to see you all in the Gym!

Name:ArkasiumGymnasium 3xGather-Inc Tame/Breeding
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