We recently overhauled the commandline options for the v242 version of Ark: Survival Evolved.

The overhaul was successful however some of the “Bad Left Over Values” need to be “Wiped Clean” to avoid this issue:

alt text

The fix has been made nice and easy so you’re able to do it yourself!

  1. Open your Configuration Files, click Configuration Editor for FixCommandline.txt (You will not be able to see the Text Editor button on the image below)

alt text

  1. Any “Reset” box that has “True” or “False” in it, delete the word and leave the box blank.
    Any “Reset” box that has ?ServerOption=True/False in it, leave that as it is, you don’t need to delete that.

An example would look like this;

Red = Remove word and make the box blank.
Green = You would leave this as it is.

alt text

  1. Click Save in the upper left corner, then head back to your Commandline Manager.

  2. Click Don’t Restart in the upper left corner, then click Edit for your commandline.

  3. Simply click Save to update the commandline now that you’ve cleaned out the old left over values.

  4. Give it a quick check over to make sure you’ve not missed out any Falses or Trues.

  5. Restart your server to apply the fresh, better than before commandline!


If you do have any problems with this, we will absolutely do it for you, no questions asked, just pop a ticket in! :)