Server type: PvP

Server Started On: 11/5/2017

Dedicated: Yes

Server Location: Canada

Map: Ragnarok


 Exp: 8x

 Taming: 12x

 Harvest: 12x

 Resources spawn twice as fast

 Max Dino Level: 150

 Baby Mature Speed: 30x

 Egg Hatch Speed: 5x

 Max Players Per Tribe: 12

 Max Alliances: 1

 Max Tribes In Alliance:3

 Player Weight Increased Slightly

 Dino Weight Increased Slightly

 Increased Engrams Points At Higher Levels

 Nights Are Twice As Short


 Classic Flyers


 Small Stacks

 Corpse Finder

 S+ Structures


  1. Node Blocking - Blocking Nodes is not tolerated.

  2. Abusing Bugs - Example - Using a Squid to pull people out of a cave through the ground.

  3. Speach - No Racials Slurs

  4. PvP - We consider this a PvP server. However we would like to have big pvp battles. Held on weekends when everyone can play.

  5. PvP - Wiping someone every day is bannable (With Screen shotted Proof). 3 Day Grace period after a wipe minimum.

  6. Tribe Drama - We arent responible for your tribe drama.

  7. Reporting - If you see someone break a rule. We ask you attempt to ask them to stop first. If they persist, then report to one of the Admins.

  8. World PvP - World PvP is allowed on this server. World PvP includes being attacked while farming and flying outside of your base.

  9. Passive Tame Killing - Passive Tame Killing is discouraged, but not bannable.

  10. Tribe Limit - 12

  11. Caging players - No longer than 30 min.

To connect, make sure Steam is running, hit Win+R to bring up the run box and paste this link

Ragnarok: steam://connect/