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  • blitzyuk

    Come join my server it has 30 slots pvp enabled and is based in the UK

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  • Mekki

    1. Steam update your server to get the latest files.
    2. Go to the Commandline manager.
    3. Click Edit on an existing Commandline, or create a new one (enter a description of the commandline).
    4. Change the Map Name to: Aberration_P
    5. Check the box to the left of the map name box.
    6. Save the commandline.
    7. Make sure the commandline is selected (Click Select on the right) it will appear Green and Bold if selected.
    8. Restart your server, and enjoy the new DLC!

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  • Mekki


    The Cluster Package allows the usage of any 2 map combinations, including Workshop maps. :)

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  • Mekki

    Hey Mohenjo,

    That’s definitely something you can do!

    Grab your save file and create a .zip then upload them to a new folder using the File Manager.

    Contact support via the Support Tickets, letting them know you’ve uploaded your save file to a new folder (Giving the name of the folder you’d created) and they’ll sort it out for you, to ensure the server is running that save. :)

    If you don’t know where your files are on your computer they’re normally saved, they should be under:
    Documents > 7 Days to Die > Saves

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  • Mekki

    Make sure you’re using the Query Address, which will be the full IP:QueryPort for Steam’s Client Server Browser.

    For the in-game server browser, you’ll need to be using the server name. :)

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  • Mekki

    1. Figure out what version of Forge Mod Loader you’d like. Depending on the mods you want to install you may need a particular version.

    2. Go to;
      and download the Installer (windows) for the version you need.
      alt text

    3. Run the Installer for Server, install Forge Mod Loader to a folder you’ll be able to find.
      alt text

    4. Once the install is completed, open the folder you installed Forge Mod Loader to.

    5. Rename the minecraftforge-universal-XXXX.jar file to minecraft_server.jar
      alt text

    6. Create a .zip file of the libraries folder, the minecraft_server_forgeVersion.jar and the minecraft_server.jar that you just renamed.
      alt text

    7. Login to your Control Panel for your Minecraft Server at

    8. Navigate to the File Manager for your server and rename the Minecraft folder to MinecraftVanilla

    9. Create a new folder called Minecraft

    10. Navigate inside the Minecraft folder you just created.

    11. Upload your .zip file containing the forge mod loader files.

    12. Use the Extract tool in the Actions Column to extract the .zip file.

    13. Delete the .zip file once all the files have been extracted.

    14. Start your Minecraft Server.

    Any trouble with this guide, please contact support :)

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  • Mekki

    Here’s uHostPro’s Running Suggestions Thread for 7 Days to Die. If you’ve got any ideas about our 7 Days servers, the control panel, any features you’d like to see, or have seen elsewhere. Post below!

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  • Mekki

    Tutorial Synopsis.

    Create a daily server restart, with a 30 minute, 15 minute, 5 minute and 1 minute warning.

    Step 1 - Setup.

    For this tutorial, you will need to have an Admin Password set, which can be done via the GameUserSettings.ini configuration file.
    Additionally you will want to have your TimeZone Set Correctly for your Account, which can be done from the My Profile page.

    alt text

    Step 2 - Daily Restart

    Navigate to your Control Panel Page for your Ark: Survival Evolved Server.

    Click the Scheduled Tasks Tab

    alt text

    Click New

    Select Scheduled Restart and then click the [New] button. The page will navigate to the settings page for the Scheduled Task.

    From the Type dropdown, select Daily

    Select a Start time that is in the future, by default it will be set to 10 minutes in the future, this time will be the daily time your server restarts. Make sure you remember this time as it will become useful later on in this tutorial.

    Set the Name to something appropriate, such as “Daily Restart”, it can be anything, this is simply the name of this particular scheduled task.

    Click Save to finish the creation of the Daily Restart Scheduled Task.

    Step 3 - Creating the Broadcast Restart Warnings

    From the Scheduled Tasks Tab click New, this time selecting Console/RCON Command

    Enter the RCON Password for your server, which is your Admin Password

    In the Command to Execute box enter

    broadcast Server will be restarting in 30 minutes

    For the Name type “30 Minute Warning”

    In the Type drop down box, select Daily

    The Start time must be set to 30 minutes before your daily restart time that you set in Step 2.

    Click Save to finish the creation of the 30 Minute Warning Scheduled Task.

    Step 4 - 15Min, 5Min and 1 Minute warnings

    Repeat Step 3, however for the Start time in each set it to 15 min, 5 min and 1 minute before the daily restart time that you set in Step 2, appropriately.

    Step 5 - Conclusion

    You should now have a Scheduled Tasks Tab that has 5 Scheduled Tasks, 4 that broadcast warnings to the server, and 1 that restarts the server at a given time daily.

    If you have any trouble following this tutorial, please contact support and we’ll help you set it all up. :)

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