@Mekki, very polished and professional. I love the dark theme, I use dark theme for Twitch as well, not only is it easier on the eyes but you are able to read font a bit easier for longer periods without as much eye strain.



Have a look at this guide for how to setup an SRV record so that it also points to the port. (So if your server connection detail is: tsfr.uhostpro.com:9999 your domain will account for the :9999 without the user having to type it in)



@Mosquito Should be fixed, there was a space missing after the option, so it would show up like this;
-OnlyAdminRejoinAsSpectator-OutputGameReport (Which obviously isn’t recognized by the server)

It’s coming out like this now so it should be working;
-OnlyAdminRejoinAsSpectator -OutputGameReport



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and download the Installer (windows) for the version you need.

Run the Installer for Server, install Forge Mod Loader to a folder you’ll be able to find.

Once the install is completed, open the folder you installed Forge Mod Loader to.

Rename the minecraftforge-universal-XXXX.jar file to minecraft_server.jar

Create a .zip file of the libraries folder, the minecraft_server_forgeVersion.jar and the minecraft_server.jar that you just renamed.

Login to your Control Panel for your Minecraft Server at http://panel.uhostpro.com

Navigate to the File Manager for your server and rename the Minecraft folder to MinecraftVanilla

Create a new folder called Minecraft

Navigate inside the Minecraft folder you just created.

Upload your .zip file containing the forge mod loader files.

Use the Extract tool in the Actions Column to extract the .zip file.

Delete the .zip file once all the files have been extracted.

Start your Minecraft Server.

Any trouble with this guide, please contact support



Be sure to login to your user account first so that the ticket is linked with your server.


@Mekki ok after some 50 edits it should be done now lol